Links to other Web sites related to historic calculators and computers:

Last updated on June 08, 1999

Calculator-related Web sites

International Association of Calculator Collectors Web Page

David Hicks' Museum of HP Calculators

Rick Bensene's Calculator Web Page

Rick Furr's Calculator Reference Page

James Redin's Xnumber World of Calculators

Frank Boehm's Web page with lots of Calculator photos

Joe Rigdon's Computer Mania page with lots of HP info

Peter O. Johnson's HP Calculator Restoration page

Andrew Davie's Museum of Soviet Calculators

Bill Wood's "Electronic Jungle" Calculator and Old Radio Web page

Kevan Haydon's "Computer Bits" Web page, in the UK, including calculators, computers, video games, and more.

Philadelphia Area HP Handheld Club Web Page

Gene Wright's HP & TI Calculator Page

James Donnelly's Calculator Page

Enrico Tedeshi's Web page

Ernie Jorgensen's Office Machine Americana on-line catalog of manuals for old office machines, including some calculators

Cory Carpenter's HP75 page

HP85 Documentation page

Dave Jobusch's HP Calculator Page

Bruce Rogers' Calculator Collection Page

Gary Muhonen's HP Calculator Page - with restoration tips and HP items for sale/trade

Jean-Daniel Dodin's "PPC-T" HP-41 site in France, can select English or French language pages

Brian Conlon's site in Australia dedicated to the to the invention of the world's first automatic totalisator in Australia

Doug Coward's Museum of Personal Computing Machinery - including "Hall of Calculators"

Home Page for Monroe Systems for Business, Monroe is one of the pioneering companies in the calculator business and continues to manufacture high-performance machines.

Historic and Vintage Computer-related Web sites:

The Charles Babbage Institute of Computer History Web page

Vintage Computer Festival web page

Blinkenlights Archaeological Institute - collection of vintage microcomputer items

Bill Yakowenko's Classiccmp Web Page - with Classic Computer rescue list of volunteers

HP2100 Minicomputer Archive web page

Tom Carlson's Obsolete Computer Museum

Carl Friend's Minicomputer Museum

Jim's Computer Garage

Rich's Classic Computing Resources

Paul E. Coad's Antique Computer Collection

Paul Pierce's Computer Collection - including mainframe computers

Uncle Roger's Classic Computer Resources

Online Computer History Bookstore/Computer Museum

University of Virginia Computer Museum Web Page

Historic and Vintage Radio, Electronics, and office-related Web sites:

Nick England's "Boatanchors" Radio Page Anthony Casillo's Antique Typewriters Web page

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